New Giving Options

Let’s face it – we don’t carry cash or a checkbook around with us today, so now we’ve made giving to our church as easy as buying a song on iTunes

There are three new ways to give online:1. Text Engagement: Grab your phone and text “Give” to 833-905-4289 for the most common way to give, or text “Second” to 833-905-4289 for special collections. You’ll receive a text back with instructions to start giving.  Be sure your phone doesn’t autocorrect. Tap the link, and you are ready to give!

2. Giving Link on Our Website: Simply go to, click on the heading “About.” A drop down menu will appear: click on “Giving.” This will take you to the link where you are able to make your donation.

3. QR code: Simply scan the QR code on the card in your pew.

This change will offer more options for you to give and will help increase the efficiency of record-keeping.

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Mass & Reconciliation

Mass & Reconciliation