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Thank you for your support for St. Cecilia Parish. Your generosity and continued support is very much appreciated. You help St. Cecilia to continue accomplishing many tasks. These tasks include livestreaming Mass and the Rosary, continuing with parish-wide communications, and paying our normal operating expenses. To continue your weekly support, below are five available options.

  1. Mail your weekly support to: St. Cecilia Parish, 2900 Hoover Ave., Ames IA 50010
  2. ACH (Automated Clearing House) is a direct transfer from your bank to St. Cecilia’s bank. The parish pays no transaction fee for this service. Please contact the Parish Office to initiate this process and your donations.
  3. ‘We Share’ – the online giving option which is accessed through the parish website. The parish does pay a transaction fee to process your donations.
  4. ‘Round Up’ program which rounds up a credit card purchase to the next dollar. This ’round up’ amount is donated to 
    St. Cecilia. The parish does pay a transaction fee for this service.  
  5. ‘Bill Pay’ which you set up with your bank using the bill pay process. Your contribution goes to the parish and this process is usually free of any transaction fee.

For any of the giving methods, please contact the Parish Office for more details on how to initiate the process. 

God bless everyone. 

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Mass & Reconciliation

Mass & Reconciliation