Church Renovation


Our church was built 50 years ago and dedicated on May 28, 1972. Our narthex (gathering space) was added in 2005. We are now beginning the process of renovating the church. Below is information to bring you up to date on where we are:

Fr. Don’s Announcement to the Parish – Nov 2021

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Archdiocesan Sequence of Events Checklist

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Parish Mission by Dr. Denis McNamara – March 2022

These three talks by Dr. McNamara have given us a strong vision for where to go in adding beauty and meaning to our church in this renovation process. We strongly encourage our parishioners to watch these videos to be deeply formed about the beauty and theology of Catholic church architecture. It will be required viewing for any who are actively involved in the renovations.

#1 The Objectivity of Beauty

#2 The Bible and Church Architecture

#3 From Brown Brick to Heavenly Gems

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Mass & Reconciliation

Mass & Reconciliation