Parish Life Committee

Mission Statement

To ensure that all members of St. Cecilia feel welcome and find a social as well as spiritual home within the parish by providing social gatherings that build community in ways that support Christian values.


Members of the faith community who are interested in supporting socialization and hospitality within the parish.


  • To research and utilize various events (Ex: picnics, potlucks, family fun nights) and forms of communication for building and strengthening community within the parish
  • To collaborate with all committees by providing the hospitality which makes gatherings welcoming and community-building.
  • To strengthen family-life of all types and groups within the parish community by promoting social activities and events which are family-centered at all stages of the family life cycle.

Meeting Frequency

The committee meets monthly on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 5:30 pm at St Cecilia

Members 2022-23

  • Sue Scoles – Chair
  • Jarrett Wendt – Parish Liaison
  • Mary Zimmerman
  • Angie Pohlen
  • Joni Kellen
  • Judi Blum
  • Elin Herrman


Please click here to go to the contact page, then select Parish Life Committee from the dropdown.

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