Coffee & Donuts 2024 Signup

Coffee and Donuts 2024

Thank you for volunteering to serve Coffee and Donuts. Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Here are the instructions for serving. The instructions are also printed and in the kitchen.

Set-up of Serving Table

  • Two banquet tables are generally placed north and south along the west wall of the social hall.
  • Put out a donation basket, “please donate sign” and any signage from the serving volunteers.
  • Put a bowl of creamer, sugar and sugar substitute with stirrers on the table near the coffee cups.
  • Put napkins near the donuts.
  • Put one or two boxes of donuts on the table. You can mix them randomly by type so each mass gets a variety. Keep lids on until ready to serve.
  • Put tongs out for serving donuts.


  • Either before mass or 20 minutes before the end of mass, begin making coffee.
  • Make 3 pots of caffeinated and 1 pot of decaf.
  • Put brewed coffee into carafes and place on serving table.


  • Begin pouring cold drinks (milk, chocolate milk, juice and water) into cups as people come down the hall.
  • Pour coffee individually so it stays hot.
  • Make more coffee as needed.

Clean up

  • Wash tables as chairs as needed with soapy water.
  • Take out trash to dumpster (southwest corner parking lot).
  • Place the summary sheet and money in the closed deposit bag in the drop slot in the Narthex (to the right of the main church doors).

Left-over Food and Beverage

  • Take home any milk or juice or give to a family.
  • Leave a dozen donuts for the church money counters in the refrigerator.
  • If there are more than a dozen leftover donuts, deliver them to an organization in need i.e. The Bridge Residence – 225 S. Kellogg 232-8075
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