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Social Justice Committee

Purpose & Responsibilities/Activities

The Social Justice Committee is one of the standing committees of the Parish Pastoral Council.  The Social Justice Committee continues the ministry of Jesus by service to marginalized persons and persons with special needs.  It promotes and coordinates programs that strive to provide justice and charity in full measure to all of God’s children.  It provides opportunities for parishioners to respond to the social needs of today.

In accord with Catholic Social Justice teaching, the Social Justice Committee addresses these goals

  1. Through direct Committee and subcommittee activities (examples include: Alternative Gift Market, Appalachia Warehouse, Family Service and Support, Good Samaritan Services, Operation Rice Bowl, Prison Ministry, Sanctity of Human Life committee, …);
  2. Through official encouragement of Committee members and St. Cecilia parish members to support and involve themselves in the conduct of worthy activities sponsored by other organizations in the Ames and larger community (examples include: AMOS: A Mid-Iowa Organizing Strategy, Birthright, Good Neighbor Emergency Assistance, Habitat for Humanity, Home for Awhile, Food at First, …);
  3. Through donations of funds provided by the parish through the black bag collections) to help support the activities of other organizations that are active in social justice areas. Examples of organizations receiving monthly donations include: Butterfly Freedom House, Emergency Residence Project, Food at First, Primary Health Care, Good Neighbor Emergency Assistance, Inc., Home for Awhile, Matthew 25 House, MICA Food Pantry, Story County Dental Clinic.  Examples of organizations receiving annual donations are: Alliance for the Mentally Ill, Ames Ecumenical Housing, AMOS, Boys and Girls Club, Friendship Ark, Habitat for Humanity, Heartland Senior Services, Youth and Shelter Services (Stork’s Nest), Wright County Catholics – Haiti Mission Trip. Other recipients include: St. Cecilia Youth Ministry, Wright County Catholics – Haiti Mission Trip, Wellspring Missions (Sudan wells with Trinity Lutheran Church, Marshalltown, Iowa).

The Social Concerns Committee bridges the gap between the Gospel and the world.  The committee’s role is to promote and coordinate programs that will guarantee justice and charity for all people in local and world communities, especially the poor, lonely, aged, oppressed, homeless, and minority groups.  The committee seeks to realize these goals by direct service, policy formation, and advocacy.

The committee’s purpose and responsibilities are specified more completely in official guidance provided by the Archdiocese of Dubuque.  Please see page 38 and page 39 of the MANUAL FOR PARISH PASTORAL COUNCILS.

Want to know more about Catholic Social Teaching?   See:  Sharing Catholic Social Teaching: Challenges and Directions.

The committee members are volunteers. The committee meets monthly.

The contact person is Mary Ross, 232-5080.

Committee Members & Contact Information
Meeting Minutes

The Social Justice meeting minutes, BELOW, are organized first by the year of publication (the tabs below).  Within each year the files are listed in order of the date of publication; the most recent file is listed first.  The leading numbers give the year, month and day of publication.  Just click on the newsletter or newsletters you wish to view.  All the files below require Adobe Reader to view. Click HERE to download Adobe Reader.

Sanctity of Life Committee

The Sanctity of Life Committee was commissioned by Saint Cecilia Parish in Ames, Iowa in February 2002, to act as a witness to the Gospel of Life.  We dedicate ourselves to this cause and consecrate ourselves to the Blessed Virgin Mary, guardian and nurturer of innocent life.

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