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Parish Life Committee


Our mission is to nurture the groups under the Parish Life umbrella to ensure that all members of St. Cecilia feel welcome and find a social as well as spiritual home within our community.

Membership & Contact Info

Chair:  Sue Scoles

Members:  Lisa Barnett, Janet Brimeyer, Rick Brimeyer, Sue Sprong. Pastoral Council representative: Ron Barnett.

Parish Life Organizations & Leaders

Organizations and Activities

Bereavement & Care Ministry

What: The Bereavement & Care Committee helps with funeral planning when there is a death in the St. Cecilia Community. Committee members help families by providing physical and emotional support and prayer. They are a conduit between Father and the family.

Who: Any parishioner can be a committee member.

When: Committee members serve on an as needed basis.

Contact: Committee chairs are Mary Christy 296-2620, Paula Weibel  268-3376 and Elizabeth Wilt-Cable  292-4460

CAYAC (Young Adults)

What: Catholics of Ames Young Adult Community (CAYAC) meet for social, spiritual and service opportunities.

Who: Young adults generally up to age 40

When: They have two social events, one service event, and one spiritual event per month.

Contact: Officers are:

Chair: Brittany Sweers (

Secretary: Jenny Lohse (

Treasurer: Mark Williamson (

Service Coordinator: Nick Anderson (

Spiritual Coordinator: Hillary Holmes  (

Coffee & Donuts
What: Coffee and Donuts are served on most Sunday mornings following the 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Masses. This is a time for parishioners to gather in fellowship while enjoying coffee, donuts, juice, milk and conversation. It can also be a time for groups to gain
exposure to other members of our Church community.
Who: Any interested parishioner or group can serve coffee and donuts.
When: Coffee and donuts are served most Sundays after Mass. Volunteers would serve on a rotating basis.
Contact: Mindy Stahr 450-1037,
Sign up here:
Funeral Luncheons - Food

What: Provide salads, desserts and bars for families if they request a meal after a funeral.

Who: Any parishioner is welcome as a member.

When: Members provide needed food items on an as needed basis.

Contact: Helen Brennan (515) 291-2132, Diana Weber (515) 232-2164

Funeral Lunches - Serving

Who: The  members are the four leaders and the five groups that assist.The groups have a rotating assignment for helping serve at the funeral luncheon. The groups are: CFM (Christian Family Movement), Choir, St. Gerard’s Circle, St. Mary’s Circle, St. Anne’s Circle and St. Cecilia home school and school parents.

When: There are no set meetings for the committee. Groups are called by chairpersons on a rotating basis to help serve when a funeral luncheon is requested.

Contacts: Darlene Bovee 232-4520,  assisted by Cathy Cook 232-9316.

Meals Ministry

What: Prepare and deliver meals to parishioners who have a new baby, are new to the parish, after hospitalization, a death in the family, etc.

Who: Open to anyone in the parish.

When: Sign up to prepare a meal when you are able to.

Contact: Sarah Mansell, 774-454-9313 or for more information or to be added to the volunteer sign up list.

Play Group

What: The Playgroup was established to connect St. Cecilia, St. Thomas Aquinas, and Saints Peter and Paul families with young children.  The playgroup provides the children an opportunity to play and make new friends and for adults to meet other families with young children.

Who: All families with young children are welcome.

When: Here is a list of play dates through the end of Summer, 2018:

6 Moore Memorial Park
12 Inis Grove(back park)
20 Moore Memorial Park
26 Inis Grove(back park)
4 no playgroup
10 Inis Grove(back park)
18 Moore Memorial Park
24 Inis Grove(back park)
1 Moore Memorial Park
7 Inis Grove(back park)
15 Moore Memorial Park
21 Inis Grove(back park)
I’ve also included the link for the “host” sign up. I should be at most dates, but it would be helpful if I could have some volunteers at a few dates to be at the park to greet families when they arrive.

Contact: for more information or to be added to the email reminder list.

Facebook page:


Prayer Chain

What: The purpose of this ministry is to give parishioners opportunity to serve God and bring healing to our community by uniting in prayer during time of need. Additionally a place for parishioners to request prayer during times of need.

Who: This ministry is open to all parishioners. If you would like to become a member of the Prayer Chain we welcome your participation. To become a member; please contact the Prayer Chain Coordinator listed below.

When: Members are called by the coordinators when a prayer request has been made. This could be once a week or a few times/week. Each intention receive prayers for 6 weeks. Members of the Prayer Chain pray individually for each person who submits a request.

Privacy Concerns:  As a general rule, permission from the person being prayed for is to be sought by the individual recommending them to the Prayer Chain. The Prayer request should include the person’s name and a brief reason for prayer (ex: health, loss of job, etc). Please know that sharing a brief explanation for prayer is private. Members should not share with others outside of the Prayer Chain and intentions should not be disclosed publicly.

Contact: Melissa Bortle: Our coordinator serves as the main contact for the Prayer Chain. This includes prayer requests and new membership. In addition to the website, information is posted in the parish bulletin.

St. Anne's Circle

What: St. Anne’s Circle helps achieve balance in the spiritual lives of its members by praying the rosary.

Who: All women of the parish are welcome.

When: We meet the second Tuesday of the month at 9:30 a.m. in the social hall.

Contact: Chairperson: Claire Uldrich 233-9672, Secretary/Treasurer: Jeanne Gehm 232-5754, SCCCW representative: Angela Fisher 450-1357

St. Gerard's Circle

What: St. Gerard’s Circle provides service to the parish at funerals, weddings,  coffee and donuts, baptismal gowns, and more. Members also receive opportunities for spiritual and personal growth.

Who: All women of the parish are welcome

When: Meetings are held the first Thursday of the month in members homes.

Contact: Chairpersons: Sheryl Cusick 407-408-0747 & Diana Weber 515-291-8717, Secretary: Phyllis Craig 515-233-3089, Treasurer: Nel Cochren 515-450-2120

St. Mary's Circle

What: A gathering of parish women providing fellowship, service opportunities and personal growth through educational opportunities.

Who: Any women of the parish are welcome.

When: Meetings are the first Thursday of the month, September through May at 1:30 p.m. in the south social hall.

Contact: Co-chairpersons: Paula Weibel 268-3376, Lorraine Myers 232-6157, Sharon Weber 290-3344



Senior Group

What: To promote camaraderie and fellowship among seniors in the parish.

Who: All seniors in the parish are welcome.

When: Meeting times will be posted in the bulletin.

Contact: Angela Fisher, 515- 450-1357,

Special Events

What: Special Events helps with parish celebrations and activities.

Who: All members of the parish are welcome to help with special events.

When: Members will be contacted throughout the year when there is a request for a special event.

Contact: Tina Colburn: and Janice Grove:

Welcoming Committee

What: The Parish Welcoming Committee wants to make all who enter Saint Cecilia Church feel welcomed and valued. Members strive to contact all new registrants, provide them with a welcome bag, give them information about programs, and invite them to join in an activity. Members of the committee may work with other parish organizations on events that encourage new member attendance.

Who:  All are welcome to join the committee or present ideas

When: Meetings are the first Tuesday of the month at 7PM. in the St. Francis Room.

Contact: The Welcome Committee at