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Parish: 233-3092 | School: 232-5290 | Faith Formation: 232-3514 | 2900 Hoover Avenue, Ames IA

Tana Tesdall

Technology Teacher

Hi, I’m Tana Tesdall.  I am very excited to be working with your children in the technology lab, and in their classrooms.

A little about me:

BLS, 1993, Iowa State University

BMU, 2006, Iowa State University

MEd, 2012, Graceland University

My teaching background is in music and special education, but I’ve always been a computer geek (my son says nerd.)  My parents have always been early adapters of technology, so we had computers in our home as early as the late 1970s.  I love computers, and all technology, and have long enjoyed tinkering with my machines to make them work better.  I hope to instill the same love for technology in all the students I teach.

I’m also a photographer.  Don’t be surprised if you see me at school events, taking lots of pictures.  I am posting as many as possible on the school Facebook page.