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Our Stephen Ministers
Are Ready to Care

The 2019 Class of Stephen Ministers who have recently completed the extensive 50 hour training program have joined the team of Stephen Ministers and are now ready to provide confidential, one-to-one Christian care to people who are facing a crisis or who are going through a difficult time.  A Stephen Minister meets with a care receiver once a week for an hour to listen, care, pray and provide emotional and  spiritual encouragement for as long as the need persists.  Please pray for them as they begin in this caring ministry.

The new Stephen Ministers are: Amy Morrow, Bonnie Galena, Dan Miner, Elizabeth Engelken, Felicity Douglas, Gordon Miller, Jessica Widmar, Joleen Dietz, Kelley Vassar, Laurie Law, Liz Kurt, Mark Sorrentino, Mike Bohnert, Monica Bohnert and Pat Mize. 

Ames Area Catholic Stephen Ministry