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A Note From Ms. Rooney

Starting with November’s menu, St. Cecilia School will be serving a meatless meal every Friday. We believe this offers a host of ways in which St. Cecilia students and the wider community can grow in faith. The following article highlights just one of many ways going meatless once a week can help our common home: . 

Now that the weather has gotten colder and the time for bare legs has passed, we have noticed several pairs of print leggings on students in uniform. Please remember that leggings can be any color, but they must be solid in order to qualify as appropriate per the dress code. Also, since this is a tricky time of year temperature wise, please remember that students must wear layers that abide by dress code while in the classroom. Students can wear any type of sweatshirt or sweater on the playground, but it must meet dress code for them to be allowed to wear that layer in the classroom. Please contact Ms. Rooney with questions, and also let her know if you need help finding winter items that meet the dress code requirements.
Parent Teacher Conferences
Parent-teacher conferences will be held on November 5-7. Please remember that our conference schedule and week is different than the area public schools. Our conferences are 15 minutes in length, so please be on time. Our schedule is shown below. 
Conference Week Schedule
Friday, November 1
No School/Teacher In Service
Monday, November 4
Regular School & Preschool Day
Tuesday, November 5
Regular School & Preschool Day
3:45-6PM School & Preschool Parent Teacher Conferences and Book Fair

Wednesday, November 6
Regular School Day
No Preschool Classes
8:30-4PM Preschool Parent Teacher Conferences
2:45-4PM School Parent Teacher Conferences and Book Fair

Thursday, November 7
No School or Preschool Classes
8:45AM-12PM School & Preschool Parent Teacher Conferences and Book Fair
Friday, November 8
No School or Preschool Classes

STEM Nights
Especially within the last several years, many parents have noticed that there has been a shift in the way schools are teaching mathematics. There are a lot more strategies being taught in addition to the traditional algorithm that most (if not all) of us were taught when we were in school. So we would like to take this opportunity to share a little bit about the way we teach mathematics.

WHY not just HOW
Students need to have a better understanding of WHY the processes we do in math work and not just HOW we do it (as we were taught). Understanding the WHY gives students a better mathematical foundation that they are then able to apply when the problems get more difficult and complex. 

Strategies – so many…..
Yes, we introduce a lot of different strategies. We teach different strategies to add, subtract, multiply, and divide so students can choose what works best for them. The traditional ways are still taught, but those are not always the ones that your child might prefer….and that’s okay. In order to meet the needs of all learners, students need to be taught different strategies and practice them so they can make the choice on which one(s) they prefer. For example, if a child is working on the problem 1,000 minus 998 the traditional algorithm can be used, but a student could also simply count on from 998 to 1,000 and find the answer of 2.  Students need to be able to recognize what strategy works best in each situation, so they need to be introduced to different problem-solving techniques.

On November 12th and 19th, we will host two STEM nights. Please plan to attend one of the nights to hear Miss Beaudry and Mrs. Hand talk about our Math curriculum and the “changes” in the way math is taught at St. Cecilia. They will be from 5:30-7PM in Rooms 530/535/537. Hope to see you there!

30 days of Planks and Thanks
As a part of our wellness 5210 program (5 fruits & vegetables, 2 hours or less screen time, 1 hour of exercise, 0 sugary drinks), we are encouraging our students to get in at least one hour of exercise per day. Now that the weather is turning colder outside, how might you keep your family active? Try this fun activity for November from another PE teacher I follow on Twitter.  The 30 days of Planks and Thanks is a way for your family to track some upper body exercises while also encouraging thankfulness during November.  View and download these activities from my Google Drive and have fun!  Gobble, Gobble!
Mrs. DuBois

One of the great ways our school families support each other is by providing meals for familes who recently had newborns or when someone is recovering from surgery and needs extra help. FSA will send out a meal train link in the Principal’s Notes that you can sign up for. It is a great way to meet families and it helps so much! Please contact Emily at if you know someone who would benefit from a meal train. Thanks!

  • Jaime Wandling (Troy 4th grade, Reid 2nd grade) has returned from Mayo after successfully having a brain tumor removed. She still has along road of recovery so if you are able to help make it a little easier, please sign up to bring their family a meal. Meals or restaurant gift cards can be dropped off at school or their home. Thanks for helping!

Conference Food and Book Fair Help:
Conferences are coming up and FSA wants to help the teachers/staff during this week.  We would like to provide snacks for them during this time and help Mrs. Simodynes with the Book Fair.  If you are interested in helping out with either of these, please sign up using the links provided.

Conference Food:  
Book Fair:
St. Cecilia’s Trunk or Treat was held on Sunday, October 27. Over 350 people attended Trunk or Treat and the walking taco dinner. Thanks to St. Cecilia School FSA, St. Cecilia Faith Formation, and Burke Corporation for sponsoring the walking taco dinner, and to the members of the St. Cecilia Welcoming Committee, Knights of Columbus, and parish/school staff for all their help! Visit the school Facebook page (St. Cecilia Catholic School Ames Iowa) to see some photos from the event.

Thank you to all the families who supported the FSA Read-A-Thon.  As a whole, the kids read a total of approximately 38,500 minutes!  We did not reach our goal of $12,000, but did raise $9,500.  If your child participated in anyway, they qualified for the bowling party at Perfect Games this Saturday, November 2nd from 10:00-11:30. 
Hot Lunch News –
Breakfast Hours and Cost
We began serving breakfast on October 1st. Breakfast will be served from 7:30 am (for students in early supervision) to 8:15 (for students arriving for supervision at 8:00). It will be $1.65 for students and $0.30 for free and reduced. Please complete the Google Survey here: to indicate your interest so we know how many meals to prepare. 
We are very proud of our hot lunch program and we welcome your ideas and input. We are striving to create a nutrition program that is mindful of God’s Care for Creation. With your support, our hot lunch program can thrive and grow, just like our garden!
Scrip News
Did you know that the St. Cecilia Scrip Program offers over 255 SripNow! products?? You can purchase ScripNow! products and the electronic gift card gets sent directly to your email account. It makes online shopping easy or you can send and electronic card as a gift for birthdays, graduations, etc.

Using ScripNow! products adds up quickly to benefit our school. Please, take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

If you have any questions about Scrip, please contact Judy Brown or Bev Williams at

Marketing Strategic Planning
St. Cecilia School is participating in a Marketing Strategic Planning initiative with the Archdiocese. We have received a lot of valuable information and ideas. Because of this, we are creating an Enrollment Management Committee. The focus of this committee will be to work on recruitment, admissions, and retention (marketing will be one piece of this.) Please consider serving on this committee to help with enrollment efforts at St. Cecilia School. This isn’t something that would necessarily mean regular meetings, but may include meeting with Mrs. Rooney to discuss ideas and initiatives. If you are interested, please email Mrs. Rooney at  
After the theme reveal for Gala 2020, “It’s a Wonderful Catholic Life”, we are excited to start planning some of the silent auction baskets and items that will be available for bidding.  The most important things for this portion of Gala are YOU, your generosity, and your creativity!   With the Hollywood theme in mind, we have started a list of basket ideas.  Please don’t let this limit you!  If you have an idea for an auction item, just let us know.  Please see the link below to sign-up to donate a basket, individual item or talent.  Thank you for continuing to help make Gala 2020 a success!

2020 Silent Auction Item Donations

After School Art Animal Shelter Collection
Introducing Girl Scout Troop 474!  

Girl Scouts are starting up at St. Cecilia School. We currently have a troop of Daisies (kindergarten and 1st graders) who will be meeting Fridays from 4:00pm – 5:30pm in the South Social Hall. We can add Brownies (2nd and 3rd graders) and Juniors (4th – 5th graders) to the troop with an additional parent volunteer for that age level. The first meeting will be Friday, November 15th and a short parent meeting will follow at 5:30pm that night to distribute important information regarding the meeting schedule, activities, troup finances, volunteer opportunities and forms.
Please look out for a Girl Scout informational table that will be present at the school when you come to parent/teacher conferences next week. You can also reach out to the troop leader, Melissa Kaufman, at
School Events:

Wednesday, 10/30: 9AM All School Mass
Thursday, 10/31: Spirit Day; 2:15-3:20PM Classroom Halloween/ All Saints Parties
Friday, 11/1: NO SCHOOL – Teacher in Service
Monday, 11/4: Regular School & Preschool Day 
Tuesday, 11/5: Regular School & Preschool Day: 3:45-6PM School & Preschool Parent Teacher Conferences and Book Fair
Wednesday, 11/6: Regular School Day; No Preschool Classes; 8:30-4PM Preschool Parent Teacher Conferences; 2:45-4PM School Parent Teacher Conferences and Book Fair
Thursday, 11/7: No School or Preschool Classes; 8:45AM-12PM School & Preschool Parent Teacher Conferences and Book Fair
 Friday, 11/8: No School or Preschool Classes