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Our Faith School Tuition Organization (STO)
What’s this STO all about? It’s about supporting Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Dubuque and making the most out of your charitable contribution. If you file an Iowa income tax return, your contributions to the Our Faith School Tuition Organization (STO) qualify for a 65% tax credit. That means for every $1000 you donate, you receive an Iowa income tax credit  $650, which reduces your Iowa tax liability by $650. Seriously, a $1000 contribution reduces your Iowa tax liability by a whopping $650! Visit or call 800-876-3546 ext. 219 or 307 to learn more.

STEM Nights
Especially within the last several years, many parents have noticed that there has been a shift in the way schools are teaching mathematics. There are a lot more strategies being taught in addition to the traditional algorithm that most (if not all) of us were taught when we were in school. So we would like to take this opportunity to share a little bit about the way we teach mathematics.

WHY not just HOW
Students need to have a better understanding of WHY the processes we do in math work and not just HOW we do it (as we were taught). Understanding the WHY gives students a better mathematical foundation that they are then able to apply when the problems get more difficult and complex. 

Strategies – so many…..
Yes, we introduce a lot of different strategies. We teach different strategies to add, subtract, multiply, and divide so students can choose what works best for them. The traditional ways are still taught, but those are not always the ones that your child might prefer….and that’s okay. In order to meet the needs of all learners, students need to be taught different strategies and practice them so they can make the choice on which one(s) they prefer. For example, if a child is working on the problem 1,000 minus 998 the traditional algorithm can be used, but a student could also simply count on from 998 to 1,000 and find the answer of 2.  Students need to be able to recognize what strategy works best in each situation, so they need to be introduced to different problem-solving techniques.

On November 12 and 19, we will host STEM Nights from 5:30-7PM in Rooms 530/535/537. Please plan to attend one of the nights to hear Ms. Beaudry and Ms. Hand at 5:45PM and 6:30PM for 15-20 minutes as they talk about our Math curriculum and the “changes” in the way math is taught at St. Cecilia. They will be available in Ms. Beaudry’s room for questions anytime between 5:30-5:40PM, 6:05-6:30PM and 6:50-7PM. Thank you.

Welcome to Julie Sankey…
We’d like to welcome Julie Sankey, our new part-time cook. Normally she’ll be working on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so please stop by and introduce yourself. We’re so happy she joined our St. Cecilia School family!

St. Cecilia School Apparel through Heuss Printing:
Hopefully you saw some of the apparel you can order through Heuss Printing at their table in the hallway this week. Some new gift items (hats, tumblers, etc.) will be added within the next week, so watch for an update and order information in next week’s Principal Notes.

Supplies Needed:
Ms. Hand is in need of paper towel rolls for a project. If you have any, please drop them off to her classroom or office by Wednesday, November 27th. Thank you.

School Events:
Thursday, 11/7:
 No School or Preschool Classes, 8:45AM-Noon Parent-Teacher Conferences & Book Fair and 1-4PM Teacher InService
Friday, 11/8: No School or Preschool Classes
Tuesday, 11/12: 5:30-7PM STEM Night (see above)
Wednesday, 11/13: 9AM All School Mass followed by 3rd Grade Reception – All are Welcome!

5-2-1-0 November Flyer