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PRINCIPAL NOTES – March 29, 2019

2019-2020 Contract & FACTS Tuition Management
In your child’s Friday folder, you will find your 2019-2020 Contract to be completed and returned to the school office by April 12, 2019. This will help us plan for next Fall, so please take a few minutes, complete and return it by April 12th. Thank you for your help.

Second, you will find a letter and more specific information about our new FACTS tuition management which will start next Fall. This is for your information, no action is necessary at this time. You will receive additional instructions and information will be given throughout the remainder of the school year about this new program, so please watch upcoming Principal Notes.
FACTS Payment Plans Letter for Parents

All School Mass changed-April 3rd
Due to a funeral, our All School Mass has been changed to a Prayer Service on April 3rd. This will be held in the multi-purpose room, all are welcome. Thank you.

FACTS Student Tuition Organization Applications due April 15th
There’s only about three weeks to file with FACTS for tuition assistance. There is no fee to file. All applications and tax information are due by April 15th. You must file for FACTS before you can file for our local tuition assistance. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the school office. Thank you.

AEA Hearing Screenings-April 15th
The AEA hearing screenings were postponed due to the weather. Our 4-year-old preschool through 5th grade students will have their hearing screened on Monday, April 15th. Please review the attached note from AEA and contact the office if any questions or concerns. Thank you.
AEA_ParentNotifications_Hearing Screening
AEA_ParentNotifications_Preschool_Hearing Screening

Mileage Club Volunteers Needed Please
If you’re able to help from 11:40 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. on Monday, Thursday or Friday, please contact Lisa Weary at as soon as possible. This is such a fun program for our students. Thank you.

Nonpublic Transportation Services
Parents that live outside the Ames School District are reminded to turn in your transportation reimbursement request. The reimbursement comes from the resident district and is flow thru dollars from the state of Iowa so by requesting the funds you are not taking any dollars from the local district, they are reimbursed for the amount they pay you. Remember this is only for families that live outside the Ames district.

Notice to nonpublic parents regarding public school district transportation services: Iowa Code Section 285.1 requires public school districts to provide transportation services to resident nonpublic students that are entitled as per that section. How the transportation service will be provided is to be determined by the public school district. When funds are appropriated by the Iowa General Assembly and if your public school district has selected “Parent Reimbursement” as their transportation service type of choice and you meet the transportation entitlement policy provisions of the public school district in which you live and the nonpublic school being attended has been accredited by the Iowa Department of Education, you are entitled to parent reimbursement as per Iowa Code Sections 285.1, subparagraph 3 and 285.3.

(Iowa Code, Section 285.3) If your public school district selects the “Parent Reimbursement” option, it is your responsibility as the nonpublic parent or guardian to notify your resident public school district that you have children attending an accredited nonpublic school and its location. In addition, specific information, as requested on this form, must be submitted by the nonpublic parent or guardian no later than December 1st (for first semester reimbursement) and May 1st (for second semester reimbursement), each year and sent to the school district where they reside. Failure to submit this request by the above deadline each semester will result in the denial of the reimbursement request for the claim period.

Please print off the appropriate form, complete it and mail it to the address toward the bottom of the form by May 1st for 2nd semester. Please do not mail it to St. Cecilia School. Thank you.
Ballard -15.16 Nonpublic Parent Reimbursement Request Form
Gilbert -15.16 Nonpublic Parent Reimbursement Request Form
Nevada -15.16 Nonpublic Parent Reimbursement Request Form
Roland Story – Nonpublic Parent Reimbursement Request Form
United -15.16 Nonpublic Parent Reimbursement Request Form

Gilbert District Parents, Please Read…
Would any Gilbert district families be willing to carpool starting next Fall to and from school? We’ve had some interest, so if you think this would be an option for your family, please email or contact the school office. Thank you.

Baby Wendt Adoption Dash
It takes a village to raise a child, or in this case, adopt a child. We are coming together to become that village that helps Mr. & Mrs. Wendt adopt a child (or two!) from Mrs. Wendt’s home country of Colombia!
Join us! Become part of our village on Saturday, May 11, 2019, 8 a.m. at Ada Hayden Heritage Park in Ames, IA to support the Baby Wendt Adoption Fund! For more information, see the attached flyer or visit
Baby Wendt Adoption Dash 05-11-19


Sara E. Rooney, Principal

Mileage Club is underway and volunteers are still needed! Please consider signing up for at least one session, and more if you are able:

FRUIT AND VEGGIE TRACKING: Yellow tally sheets were sent home in your child’s Friday folder prior to spring break. Help your child record all fruits and vegetables they eat starting the week of March 25th. When the tally sheet is filled, sign the sheet and return it with your child to school. Students will receive a prize when 50 fruits and 50 vegetables have been eaten and recorded. (Please note, the sheet states “new fruits/veggies tried,” this sheet can include any fruit or vegetable eaten.) IF your child does try a NEW fruit or vegetable, please simply jot the name of the food on a sheet of paper, include the child’s name and your signature and send back to school. I will award a fruit toe token or veggie toe token for each NEW food they try. There are no limits to earning these tokens, as long as you send a note each time.

Radish and banana are the veggie and fruit of the week. Check out the link for fun facts about each food, and two great recipes: Radishes and Bananas

The Mileage Club program is sponsored by Mary Greeley Medical Center, and encourages kids to become more physically active and healthy by walking and running at recess. Students earn toe tokens for every 5 miles of walking or running, and a grand prize at 25 miles! Mileage Club takes place during lunch recesses, Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. We are looking for more parent volunteers to help scan QR codes with iPads. It’s a very simple task and a lot of fun to be part of the excitement! Grades 3-5 have recess at 11:40-12:00 and K-2 from 12:00-12:20.

Questions: contact Lisa Weary @ 480-4936 or

REMEMBER: Parents and grandparents are invited to join their child(ren) for walking or running at any time (younger siblings also welcome!). If you have never experienced Mileage Club, we encourage you to stop in and observe. Thank you for supporting this great opportunity for the students.

Scrip Tidbits!
Did you know that every penny you purchase through the St. Cecilia Scrip program adds up to be a substantial benefit to your school? If each family at St. Cecilia bought even SOME ($200/month) of their groceries with Scrip, the school would benefit approximately $50 per year per family. Alone, this doesn’t seem like a lot, BUT…
If EVERY family bought all of their groceries with Scrip, the school would benefit over $8,000!! Together, we really can do great things to help our school. If you have any questions about Scrip, please contact Bev Williams or Melissa Hall at

School Events:
Friday, March 29: End of Third Quarter
Tuesday, April 2: 7PM Catholic School Board Meeting
Wednesday, April 3: 9AM Prayer Service & 7PM FSA Meeting
Thursday, April 4: 6PM SIAC Meeting

Other Opportunities:
Children Need You!
Do you or someone you know have some extra room in your home or heart? Consider becoming a foster parent for Iowa children, sibling groups and teens who need safe foster homes! St. Cecilia Social Justice along with Sanctity of Life will be hosting Bambi Schrader who will be offering a Foster/ Adoptive Family Orientation on Thursday, April 4, at 7 p.m. in the Social Hall North at St. Cecilia’s. Please plan to attend and hear more about how you can help!

Northridge Village Easter Egg Hunt
Northridge Village is hosting a Easter Egg Hunt on April 13th. For more details, see the attached flyer.
Northridge Village Easter Egg Hunt 2019

St. Cecilia Mission Statement
St. Cecilia School, an educational ministry of St. Cecilia Catholic Church, is a Christ-centered educational environment. We offer students opportunities to develop self-discipline, individual academic excellence, cultural awareness, and a commitment to lifelong service.