Parish: 233-3092 | School: 232-5290 | Faith Formation: 232-3514 | 2900 Hoover Avenue, Ames IA

The Parish Council and the Finance Committee wish to clarify the circumstances regarding the purchase of a residence for a retired Priest. The church was the recipient of several donations that were specified to be used only to purchase a residence for this purpose. The donations were used to make this purchase by the Church. When the residence is no  longer in use, the Parish Council and Finance Committee can then decide how to best utilize/dispose of this real estate asset. This arrangement has received Archdiocesan approval. We are blessed that the Greater Ames community will have a retired Priest to assist us in our pastoral needs. If you have any questions regarding this purchase, please do not hesitate to contact the Parish Business Office.

Reno Berg, Chair, Parish Council
Sylvester Upah, Chair, Finance Committee