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Human trafficking permeates all aspects of society and Iowa is no exception. Raising awareness and helping survivors recover by creating safe spaces are part of Catholic values. St. Cecilia Social Justice is sponsoring a Paint Your Prayer Retreat to raise awareness of human trafficking.


Paint Your Prayer Retreat is an afternoon event led by well-recognized area artist, Jo Myers-Walker, at St. Cecilia Church, Saturday, October 27 from 12:30 – 3:30pm, in the Social Hall South. Participants will reflect on human trafficking awareness and healing through watercolor painting, discussion and a video presentation, “Any Kid Any Where”.


Retreat attendees will become involved in supporting the healing process for victims of human trafficking by painting colorful St. Francis pouches, to hold 9 note cards featuring the Canticle of Creation Sculpture. These hand painted, filled pouches will be marketed for $25 across Iowa. All proceeds support the Lila Mae House in Sioux City where female victims of human trafficking will be helped to recover. These, and other handmade items, will be available for sale at the St. Cecilia Christmas Market, November 17 and 18.


No previous painting experience is required.  Suggested age 12 and up.  Art supplies will be provided and there is no fee.  Refreshments will be available.  Call Doreen Berg at 956-3414 to register.