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Parish: 233-3092 | School: 232-5290 | Faith Formation: 232-3514 | 2900 Hoover Avenue, Ames IA

Kyle Lewin

5th Grade Teacher

Kyle Lewin grew up in an air force family, moving every three years until he was in high school. He has lived in six different states and also spent a year in Soul, Korea as a baby.

After graduating from high school, he spent an incredibly long time trying to figure out what he wanted to be when he grew up. During that time, he met his wife, Heather, and they had their two daughters, Emma and Dakota. Eventually, he decided on becoming a teacher (since no one was willing to pay him to do his other passions: playing video games and reading books).

He has been teaching 5th grade at St. Cecilia since 2015 and can’t imagine loving a job more.