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Hispanic Families in Need – Food Drive #9
August 1


Hello Friends,

We’re once again calling for your help in collecting donations for our Hispanic parishioners in need of food. Our next collection day will be Saturday, August 1 from 9am-11:30am. This is the ninth call for donations and so far and we are now helping 40 families rather than 43. A bit of good news for a few of our Hispanic families. Due to the continuing need in Story County, it looks like we may be continuing our call for assistance until school starts and then we may have to re-assess HOW we help due to facility challenges. We are currently using the school kitchen to keep our food cold, but with school starting, they’ll need their refrigerator space.

Terry and I continue to be overwhelmed by the continuing generosity of our parish and broader community. I thought we might experience some donor fatigue, but even those who are experiencing their own difficulties during Covid 19 are finding way to give in whatever way they can. If you saw Nancy Heideman’s Covid 19 July update on our parish website, the Immigrant Emergency Fund provided over $89,000 in rent and utility assistance to 83 different local households. That’s inspiring.

Thank you so very much for your continued support in this much needed mission of aid. Our next Donation drop off date isSaturday, August 1st from 9am –  11:30am.  Donations can be dropped at St. Cecilia South Social Hall, 2900 Hoover Ave (use south driveway).

If you’d like to help volunteer putting the bags together, we’d love the help from 9 a.m. to noon. If you have large bags of rice or beans, we will bag them into 2 lb bags, no need to do it at home.Below is the link to the 8th Sign-Up Genius for this week’s collection. To access the Sign-Up Genius, click the link here:

** Please note: some of you donate large bags of rice and beans, that’s so appreciated-we will bag at the church. Please try to note how many 2 lb bags they’ll make and enter that number in the QTY column is you’re able, sometimes QTY column doesn’t work for some reason, but you can email me and I’ll try to note on the sign up genius when we have enough.

Thanks to your continuing generosity of monetary donations to the Knights, we’ll again to be able to supplement your donations by ordering additional items again through Sysco such as meat, vegetables, fruit, and beans. Whatever we receive, we’ll distribute equally into at least 40 individual family bags. Thanks to local growers like Onion Creek Farm and Tracy Blackmer of Iowa Farming for Good, we’ll also have tables of local fresh produce to offer our families. Please feel free to forward this email to your parish groups and clubs if you wish. My email is if you have questions, need to arrange an alternative drop off time etc. My phone number is 515-708-0866.

If you prefer, for safety reasons, to donate monetarily directly to the Knights of Columbus, you may continue to do so.I’m including the K of C donation info again below should you need it. Make checks out to: K of C #2230.Please note: “Families in Need” in memo, and you may mail to:

K of C #2230
Box 2228
Ames, IA 50010-2228

Reminder: We have one Hispanic family who have started making and selling Tamales to supplement their income since they are unable to work. Her name is Gloria. If you’d like to order some Tamales for pick up this Saturday, please TEXT her at 515-290-6788 as soon as possible. They’re fresh, no additives.

Again, thank you for your ongoing generosity and time. And, thank you to our volunteers and community donor organizations! Also, a special thank you to Bob & Nanette Horton for coming to pray with our families during these distributions. We hold you all in our prayers. We continue to pray that our Hispanic families can resume work on a full-time basis. As you might have seen on our parish website, Sunday, August 2nd at the Hispanic Mass, there will be a special Hispanic memorial Mass and story sharing for Deacon John McCully. I’d love to hear their stories, if you plan to go and wish to offer to be my translator, I’d love to have you sit with me! J

In Christ,
Terry & Elin Herrman