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Ever since Our Lord beckoned his disciples to, “Come away by yourselves and rest awhile,” Christians have taken time out of their busy schedules to find a quiet reprieve and listen more closely to the voice of God.  Our monthly Evenings of Recollection are meant to facilitate this time of discernment and prayer.

Held on varying days of the week to accommodate as many different schedules as possible, the evenings begin at 6:00pm with a brief talk followed by time for prayer and reflection.  A recorded meditation begins at 6:55pm and lasts 30 minutes, followed by 25 minutes of personal prayer.  The schedule closes with a guided Examination of Conscience at 7:50 and the evening is wrapped up by 8 o’clock.

Snacks, coffee, tea, and water are available throughout and participants are welcome to come and go as they please; the evening is very self-paced.  Beginning with the talk at 6:00pm to the close of the Examination of Conscience, participants are encouraged to conduct themselves in silence in order to foster a spirit of recollection.  We recommend that participants bring pen and paper or a small prayer journal as well as a watch in order to keep the time without use of a smartphone.

We hope you can join us for one of our upcoming Evenings of Recollection!

I am so thankful for the Evenings of Recollection. It’s been a great opportunity to step away from the noise and chaos of life and really focus on being still and listening. The talks are insightful and inspiring. At the end of the night, I always end up feeling rejuvenated, and prepared for whatever life might throw at me. I highly recommend it!

Terri Simodynes

I love the Evenings of Recollection, they have been an opportunity to have some me and God time. To be still and have time to reflect and to be with Jesus. Every Recollection has had a different focus and has helped to deepen my faith and spirituality. I also like that you have the flexibility to leave whenever you want, however I find myself wanting and needing to stay till the end.

Tilda Thompson

Upcoming Evenings of Recollection

Tue, June 29th
Topic: Divine Filiation
Tue, July 27th
Topic: God as Father
Mon, August 23rd
Topic: Interior Freedom
Tue, September 28th
Topic: Developing Your Christian Personality
Thu, October 21st
Topic: Keeping the Presence of God
Tue, November 16th
Topic: Making the Most of Your Faults
Thu, December 16th
Topic: Rediscovering Your Vocation

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Schedule for Evenings

(Beginning in April 2021 we will try the below schedule which begins and ends an hour earlier)

6:00 – Talk (Social Hall)
6:25 – Personal Prayer, Confession Available (Church)
6:55 – Guided Meditation (Chapel)
7:25 – Personal Prayer
7:50 – Guided Examen (Chapel)
8:00 – Conclude

Evenings of Recollection are an oasis for me in the midst of my busy weeks. I am very grateful to God for giving those couple of hours of quiet time to talk with Jesus and Mary. The presentations are powerful, they always take me to reflect on new aspects of my life and faith. It is very encouraging for me to see other participants there that are striving to live their faith to the fullest!

Pablo Raul Stinga