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August 14/15 is our Good Samaritan Black Bag Collection Weekend

New Changes to the Good Samaritan Black Bag Fund, Social Justice Committee has decided to change the way that the Good Samaritan Black Bag Fund is operated this year. In the past, all collections were pooled together and allocated to agencies as decided by the Committee. Starting in July, each month’s collection is designated for a specific agency (or up to 4 agencies), which will be advertised in the Narthex on the weekend of the collection. This means that you will know exactly where your donation is going, and it will give us all the opportunity to get to see and know these agencies up close before or after Mass. Additionally, the parish itself will be tithing $1000 each month to be given out to agencies by the Committee, which will help cover some of the agencies we were not able to fit in our 12-month schedule.

Funds  collected next weekend will be distributed to the Mustard See Community Farm and the Ames Catholic Worker House (Ames Romero House). Both organizations are located in Ames and help to support the surrounding communities.  Information on both groups may be found below.  Please be generous with your contributions next week. Thank you.

Do you know about the Catholic Worker movement?

The Catholic Worker movement was founded in 1933 during the Great Depression by Dorothy Day at the urging of Peter Maurin. At the heart of the Catholic Worker movement is a firm belief in the intrinsic dignity of every person. There are more than 185 Catholic Worker communities world-wide committed to nonviolence, voluntary poverty, prayer, and hospitality for the homeless, exiled, hungry, and forsaken. Two of these communities are located right here in the Ames area!

The Ames Romero House is a Catholic Worker community that offers long term housing and community support to men transitioning from homelessness, incarceration, or other unstable living situations. Our inspiration comes from the lives of Dorothy Day and Oscar Romero, both of whom  gave their lives to live in solidarity with the poor and oppose the injustice and dehumanization that was present in their society. Though we live in a different time, we still face injustice and a need for love and personal
responsibility for the poor.  We do not receive aid from any government nor are we subsidized by any organization. We are a grassroots community of people striving to love people where they are, but also enough to not let them stay there. It is truly beautiful when someone finds love and purpose. The longer our guests stay, the more opportunities for leadership they can pursue, and maybe one day, they feel that call to open up their home to others in need. Currently, we have nearly 40 people on our waiting list to be part of our family, and the need far surpasses what we can currently provide.  Our biggest need is for your prayer and fasting, but we obviously need financial support also. Our family exists because of individuals and other family donations. One time support is always welcome, but if you feel called to support us continually, we invite you to pray about a monthly commitment. Our typical monthly donation is $50 per month. You are welcome for a tour or to join our community at one of our public meals on Saturday evenings at 6:00 pm in our backyard. Thank you for your love, support, and faith in us. For more information, please visit our website:, or email:

Mustard Seed Community Farm is dedicated to sustainable, simple living, love of our neighbor, and creating a community in which everyone can participate in growing and eating delicious, healthy, locally produced food. Since its establishment in 2008, we’ve been growing produce for many partners working to end hunger, such as area shelters and soup kitchens, and we also distribute food directly to families and volunteers. This past year alone, we shared roughly 11 tons of produce with people experiencing food insecurity and economic hardship. Our farm is not-for-profit and 100% volunteer, with all donations and income from produce and plant sales going directly into the continued production of food and care for the farm and its land.  At Mustard Seed, we believe that good, healthy food is a basic human right. We believe in service to the community, the land, the planet, and each other. We support the dignity, equality, and sacredness of every person. And we believe we have a personal responsibility to take care of the land and strive to be a positive influence in the world. By joining our community harvests on Tuesday and Friday mornings, you can help fight food  insecurity in the Ames area; take home healthy, delicious produce for your own home; and meet some new friends, in the process. For more information about our farm, what we do, and upcoming social events, please visit our website:, or contact Alice McGary at 978-471-8414 or

On the weekend of August 14/15, the Good Samaritan Black Bag Collection will be for these two organizations. Please be generous with your contributions. Thank you.