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Sanctity of Life Committee: Committee Charge

NAME: Sanctity of Life Committee

REPORTING STATUS: Parish Council / Pastor


  1. To be an active witness to the gospel of life.
  2. To educate the parish community on issues threatening the sanctity and dignity of human life in all its stages, especially in the relationship to the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  3. To coordinate the efforts with other groups at the local, diocese, state and national levels.


FUNCTIONS: Activities necessary to achieve the above purposes.

  1. Regular meetings will be scheduled at a frequency to be determined by the committee.  Special meetings will be called when necessary.
  2. Educational activities shall include:
    1. Information items provided through the church bulletin.
    2. Coordination of Mass petitions with the pastor, and coordination of other prayer activities that promote the sanctity of human life.
    3. Take part in programs that focus on the religious, political, and social aspects of important pro-life issues.


MEMBERSHIP: Open to any member of Saint Cecilia Catholic Community.


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