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Parish: 233-3092 | School: 232-5290 | Faith Formation: 232-3514 | 2900 Hoover Avenue, Ames IA

Congratulations to our second grade students on their First Communion. What a stepping stone for them in their faith journey. Thank you to all who prepared them for this celebration. Congratulations to: Aluel Ater, Elizabeth Carl, Braylen Chambers, Mason Cochran, Phoebe Crimmins, Leah Dolan, Charles Fink, Jack Grandgenett, Henry Hibbs, Luke Hill, Juliet Humphrey, Lucas Kellen, Mae Loecke, Andrew Leo, Michael Love, Andrew Markley, Lucas Martens, Katelyn Miller, Gavin Murphy, Ava Nguyen, Jack Poss, Alex Pyfferoen, Natalia Ramirez, Hope Rooney, Claira Ropp, Kiernan Ryan, Bianca Serao and Zachary Stevermer.