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All Public Mass will resume the weekend of June 13 / 14

We’ve missed you and are looking forward to seeing you again —but only when you are comfortable coming back to Mass.  For those choosing not to attend Mass on the weekends, you are invited to consider choosing a daily Mass should you desire.  As a reminder the dispensation from the Sunday Mass obligation is still in effect.  Also whether it is weekend Mass or daily Mass those 65 years of age or older, those with underlying health issues, those experiencing general weakness due to age should please consider continuing to stay home.

For ALL Masses

  1.  Mass times:  Saturday evening: 5pm; Sunday morning and weekday: 10am
  2. All Masses will be celebrated in the main worship space. Mass will NOT be celebrated in the Burke Chapel.
  3. Parishioners are to use the north parking lot only. The parking lot will be blocked off 10 minutes prior to the start of Mass.
  4. Father asks that everyone arrive 15 – 30 minutes prior to Mass time to ensure that everyone is here and seated before Mass begins. 
  5. No one will be allowed into the church once Mass begins.
  6. You will need to “sign in” on a form that will be available for you in case a positive case of COVID-19 is reported from someone who was at daily Mass on a given date we have a record of who was in attendance.
  8. ONLY DESIGNATED (non roped off) pews may be used.  Social distancing required in the pews.
  9. No paper items (liturgy aids) will be allowed in the narthex/church. And, if you bring small children, please do not bring toys, snacks/drinks, etc.
  10. No gatherings are allowed inside the narthex/church. Social Distancing required.
  11. For weekday Mass ONLY: ONLY the two sets of pews off the center aisle will be available to you.  No seating in the
  12. For weekday Mass only: VOLUNTEERS needed after Mass to wipe down the tops of the pews that were occupied to help keep the worship space clean and sanitary.

For an easy print out of things to expect when returning to Mass, please click here.