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Parish Seder Supper

Holy Thursday
March 29, 5:30 – 7pm     Parish Social Hall

Each year St. Cecilia Parish celebrates a Seder Meal on Holy Thursday evening. Traditionally, the Seder is a festive meal for family and friends which is shared by the Jewish people during the Passover.

Our parish Seder is a meaningful marker on the Holy Week Journey and helps us to experience some of the journey that Jesus walked in the last days before his death and resurrection. It was at a Seder Meal, with his friends, that Jesus celebrated his Last Supper and instituted the            Eucharist. The Seder Meal emphasizes our spiritual heritage as children of Abraham and Moses as well as brothers and sisters in Christ. It combines Old Testament ritual and Scriptures and Jewish culture.

All members of the parish family are invited to participate in the Seder Meal: adults, kids, families, singles, seniors.  There will not be a charge for the meal, but contributions are welcomed. The Seder will finish in time to attend the Mass of the Lord’s Supper at 7:30pm. Call Deacon Gary or Kay Aitchison at 296-2966 no later than Monday March 26, or e-mail for reservations.