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Rice Bowl:  Who are our neighbors?  Our neighbors live across the street and the country, across oceans and hemispheres. As millions of God’s children flee war, persecution and poverty, Pope Francis, Caritas Internationalis, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Catholic Charities USA, and Catholic Relief Services invite you to share their journey by walking with them in prayer and support.  

To share in their journey, our parish is participating in CRS Rice Bowl, Catholic Relief Services’ Lenten program, as a way to encounter Jesus through others, especially through the most vulnerable in our world. Rice Bowls are available in a basket in the Narthex and on the tables at the entrance to the church.  

 Encounter Majd
Iraq.   Majd and his family were forced to flee violence in search of stability. Eight-year-old Majd thought his family was going on a picnic.  But when ISIS attacked their home in northern Iraq, the family fled for good. They could bring nothing, not even food. Fortunately, the family found an apartment to rent, much smaller but safer than their former house. The children enrolled in a CRS-sponsored school, where the routine provides hope, stability and a sense of belonging.

Challenge of the Week:  Give 25¢ for each room in your house or apartment.